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        It was Ogden Nash who penned:

        See the happy moron
        He doesn’t give a damn
        I wish I was a moron
        My God - perhaps I am!

How many times have we felt like Ogden Nash’s character because we relied on flawed  information? Unfortunately, quite often if the information was found in the “mainstream” media. In fact many claim the media is so quick paced, it all but precludes any factual in depth analysis of a given situation. This is especially true when the media relies on questionable research, prepared by questionable “experts,” with questionable motives.

The “publish or perish” mentality found in universities only adds to the confusion, as those advocating certain positions tend to present only those “facts” supporting their preordained conclusions. Unfortunately, their published papers are often relied upon by the media, our lawmakers, and others to form public opinion.

The Expert Source Bureau’s goal is to address this “credibility gap” by offering a “super source” of factual information on a growing list of selected topics. This information, provided FREE of charge by Expert Authorities and Expert Advocates, is of the highest caliber with respect to accuracy, depth, and scope.

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To get started with the resources on this website, simply select your research topic and view the Executive Summaries of articles written by our Authorities and Advocates. To view the entire article, click on the provided link(s).

The Expert Source Bureau has two levels of FREE service:

  • Researcher Level: this level enables all users to view summary versions of important White Papers with links to the entire articles as well as to their author(s)
  • Professional Level: this level includes the above plus it provides pre-approved applicants with direct access, via private phone numbers, to the authors of the articles

The Bureau also provides two methods of viewing its materials. The first is alphabetically within categories and the second is an alphabetical listing of all topics and sub-topics.

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“The fool wonders, the wise man asks.” Benjamin Dista

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