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...is president of Jack Koenig & Associates, a successful consultancy specializing in restructuring distressed companies, fine tuning others, and solving “unsolvable” computer network challenges. Jack is a Senior Industrial Engineer, a Senior Systems Analyst, financial analyst, researcher, inventor, and entrepreneur.

After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, Jack attended DePaul University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Due to financial concerns, Jack could not continue with his formal education and instead, continued his passion for scientific studies through self study.

While attending DePaul, Jack worked as an independent investigator with a primary focus of uncovering insurance fraud and a secondary specialty of locating missing witnesses. His successes in these two arenas brought countless accolades from insurance underwriters as well as from attorneys at many of the Nation’s most respected law firms.

Although Jack’s business career covered the gamut from higher level management positions at several Fortune 500 companies, restructuring “distressed” companies while serving as a consultant with one of the “Big Three” consulting firms, and as an individual creating new companies from scratch, his more recent years have been more focused on network consulting. In this capacity, Jack has gained a national reputation for solving some of the most “unsolvable” computer problems.

Jack’s community involvement included serving as a part time volunteer at a home for the handicapped for nineteen years where he performed a variety of duties including computer training, computer maintenance, electrical, carpentry, janitorial services, and anything else necessitated by the moment.

Throughout life, Jack has excelled in ferreting out the root cause of problems vexing commerce and industry, so it came as no surprise when he was drawn to the climate change issue in the early 1980’s. His continued engagement in this issue has earned him “expert” status, lending credibility to his continuing series on climate change entitled “The Mysterious Climate Project.

Jack didn’t confine his investigatory capabilities to climate change. His in-depth research also earned him expert status on such issues as media abuses, polling manipulations, and traditional values. With respect to the media and pollsters, Jack authored “The Hosing of America,” a White Paper which has been viewed by over 3.0 million visitors as of January 2007.

Jack has been listed in Who’s Who Worldwide, Kensington’s Who’s Who, Sterling’s Who’s Who, and The Executive Guild.

He has appeared on CNN’s Inside Politics, several PBS TV shows, ABC and NBC (local), and 100+ radio shows. His articles on various subjects have appeared in Op-ed pieces and letters to the editors throughout the United States while his research and White Papers are quoted extensively on and off the Internet.

Jack served as the elected Illinois State Chair and President of Perot’s organization, United We Stand, America, and later became a key figure in the formation of a successor organization, The Impact Voters of America. Under his guidance, the Impact Voters became the Nation’s largest grassroots political network with members and member organizations in all 50 States. In his capacity as an officer of the Impact Voters and as an individual, he has successfully organized efforts to remove errant politicians from office, assisted others with the same challenge, and lectured extensively on the subject.

Jack, recipient of the 1998 Illinois Citizen’s Initiative Award, is one of the few non-elected officials invited to “gavel” a session of the Illinois House to order. In his “spare” time (and especially during election cycles), Jack edits and publishes Grassroots America, a leading publication in the grassroots community. His speaking engagements have taken him before numerous groups including chambers of commerce, business group meetings, political gatherings, and groups of students at, or associated with, various universities including Northwestern, Trinity, and the University of Illinois (Urbana, DeKalb, and Carbondale). His topics are as varied as his audiences.

Koenig, along with former presidential candidates Eugene McCarthy and John Anderson, was selected as a member of a four person panel discussion on third party politics held at the Massachusetts School of Law in Boston. The taped program was later distributed to PBS stations throughout the Nation.

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