THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT OF THE Expert Source Bureau was to provide a source of accurate and reliable information to a select media group. A secondary, but equally important goal was to provide a source of experts for live appearances on various radio and television programs.

As the Bureau took shape however, it became evident we also should hear from the expert advocates... those stalwart individuals arguing positions based on the work of authorities. Without them, the authorities’ work could be for naught.

An so was born the Expert Advocates section! Unfortunately, the line between an Authority and an Advocate can be very thin... and even cross over into each other’s territory. Whenever that occasion arises, individuals meeting both creiteria will be listed in both categories.

    An example delineating the difference between an Authority and an Advocate can be found in the “Right To Bear Arms” debate. Dr. John Lott, author of the scholarly More Guns - Less Crime, is by any measure an authority on the issue. However, a person using Dr. Lott’s research to advance legislation allowing concealed carry permits would be considered an advocate.

    Another would be the difference between a credentialed individual studying alcoholism and one advocating the abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The first would be an Authority and the second an Advocate.

Using the above type of logic, the Bureau established the following two membership sections:

  • Expert Authority Section
    • members are scholars, researchers, or those skilled in a particular dicipline who employ scientific or empirical methods in reaching a conclusion surrounding a given topic
  • Expert Advocate Section
    • members are those individuals developing an in depth knowledge or expertise pertaining to a given topic without using scientific or empiricals methods. Typically, these individuals will use information developed by Expert Authorities to further their arguments.

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