*Latham, Rob

    Rob Latham received his dual B.A. in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California. He continued his education at the University of Utah College of Law and received his J.D. While at Utah, he was also a member of the Utah Law Review.

    Mr. Latham was a practicing attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a law clerk for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

    He has appeared on numerous radio talk shows including those on KSFO AM (San Francisco Bay Area), KGO AM (San Francisco Bay Area), KGO TV (San Francisco Bay Area), KTKK (Salt Lake City), KTSA AM (San Antonio),

    For further info: www.independent.org

*Lawerence, Juli

    Juli is an expert on ECT (electroshock, electroconvulsive therapy) with degrees in journalism (BS), Russian (BA), and anthropology (MA).

    She authored the Voices study (1996) which examined patient attitudes concerning ECT and has prepared a new paper entitled "The Statistical Gap: What's Wrong With Current ECT Research and How We Can Fix It."  for presentation at the 2001 National Mental Health Statistics Conference

    Ms. Lawerence is a member of the Support Coalition International and is currently serving a three-year term on the National Advisory Council on Consumer/Survivor Issues with SAMHSA/CMHS.

    For further info: www.ect.org

*Lehr Ph.D., Jay

    Dr. Lehr received the nation's first Ph.D. in Ground Water Hydrology from the University of Arizona in 1962. This followed a degree in Geological Engineering from Princeton University, a brief stint with the U.S. Geological Survey and several years with the U.S Navy's Civil Engineering Corps.

    After graduate school he taught at the University of Arizona and Ohio State University before becoming  Executive Director of the National Ground Water Association and The Association of Ground Water Science and Engineering for 25 years.

    Dr. Lehr served as Editor of the Journal of Ground Water for 27 years, Co-editor of Ground Water Monitoring  Review for 11 years and Editor of the Water Well Journal for 25 years.

    Jay has published 10 books on ground water hydrology and more than 400 journal and magazine articles. He has testified before Congress on more than three dozen occasions, consulted with nearly every agency of the federal government as well as many foreign countries on every continent.

    Dr. Lehr is an outspoken proponent of sane environmental regulation that does not distort problems to the economic detriment of society. His personal best selling book on this subject "Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns" was published in 1992 by Van Nostrand Reinhold and is now in its third printing.

    Dr. Lehr recently completed the HANDBOOK ON ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company in the year 2000.

    For further info: www.e3power.com

*Liebowitz Ph.D., Stan

    Dr. Leibowitz is professor of managerial economics at the University of Texas at Dallas, and research fellow at The Independent Institute, in Oakland, California.  He received his Ph.D. in economics from UCLA.  Dr. Leibowitz has written on the topics of copyright and technology, broadcasting regulation, pricing practices, and mortgage discrimination.

    Mr. Liebowitz has been a guest on the PBS NewsHour, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, and Fox Financial News' Cavuto Report.

    His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Investor's Business Daily, Orange County Register, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, the Economist, and in many other publications and on many other broadcast media.

    For further info: www.independent.org

*Lock, Robert

    Robert is an Attorney as well as a Ph.D. Candidate with 11+ years of experience in the multi-disciplinary analysis and management of competitive communications issues.

    Mr. Lock founded an aggressive management consulting firm specializing in the management of complex projects for Fortune 500 clients.

    His opinions have been quoted on numerous occasions by  CNBC, Crain's Chicago Business, and Telephony Magazine.

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