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*Prescott Ph.D., James

    Dr. Prescott received his Ph.D. in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal, P.Q, Canada. His previous education experience included a B.S. in Psychology from Marquette University in Wisconsin and an M.S. in Psychology from New Mexico Highlands University in New Mexico.

    Dr. Prescott's skills cover the areas of Developmental Neuropsychology; Psychophysiology; Cross-Cultural Psychology; Health Psychology; and Quantitative Methods.

    His speciality fields of interest include Research Design and Evaluation Protocols; Seminars and Workshops on Developmental Depression and Violence, particularly, Child Abuse and Neglect and Sexual Violence; Substance Abuse; Sensory-Emotional System Processes, particularly, S-SAD (Somato-Sensory Affectional Deprivation), in Illness Development and Rehabilitation-Prevention Psychophysiology; Brain Processes in Emotional Health; Psychophysiology of Moral Development in Health and Disease; Forensic Psychology in identifying "Dangerousness".

    Some of his awards and achievements include:

    • President: Maryland Psychological Association (1971-1972)
    • CINE Golden Eagle Award: for contributions, as Scientific Director, Time Life Documentary Film, "Rock A Bye Baby" (1971)
    • The 55th Annual Packard Lecture: The Philadelphia Pediatric Society (1971)
    • State-Of-The-Science Address: Eastern Psychological Association (1975)
    • Outstanding Contributions To Psychology Award: Highest Award of the Maryland Psychological Association (1977)
    • Visiting Scholar: Wesleyan University, College of Science In Society (1978)
    • Distinguished Science Address: American Psychiatric Association (1983)

    Dr. Prescott's exposure and publications are simply too numerous to list on this site.

    For further info: www.violence.de/prescott/cv.html

*Priest Ph.D., W. Curtiss

    Curtiss received both his Masters in Engineering and his Ph.D. in Technology and Economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    He is currently a Director at the Center for Information, Technology & Society as well as author of the CITS Debt Watch financial newsletter.

    Dr. Priest is the President of Humanic Systems (inventor of peer to peer information technology) and was a Senior Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (78-86).

    Curtiss has been awarded several U.S. Patents on Peer-to-Peer  inventions, was a consultant to the MacArthur Foundation on IT Networking for K-12 education as well as a consultant to the  Kettering Foundation on Networking for citizen involvement.

    He is the author of many reports to the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment on social issues and technology and Newsweek (Dec. 1996) named him one of their “Fifty People Who Matter Most on the Internet."

    He is a founder of the Cyberspace Society and listed in Who's Who in the East.

    Curtiss is a member of the American Economics Association as well as the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE).

    He has produced over a hundred reports and studies for private foundations as well as Federal, and State Governments and is a contributor to National Science Foundation publications on Technological Innovation.

    Dr. Priest has authored Risks, Concerns, and Social Legislaton: Forces that Led to Laws on Health, Safety and the Environment, (Westview Press - Frederick Praeger 1988) and co-authored Technological Innovation for a Dynamic Economy (Pergamon Press, 1979).

    For further info: www.cybertrails.org

*Rasmussen, Scott

    Scott received his MBA from Wake Forest. Although Scott is known to many as the founder (along with his father) of ESPN, he also founded the independent polling organizations Portrait of America and Rasmussen Research, both of which were sold to third parties. His latest organization, ScottPolls, takes up where his other polling organizations left off.

    Scott is a frequent guest on numerous Fox News Channel shows including the evening news with Britt Hume, the O’Reilly Factor, and Fox and Friends. He has also appeared on CNN. Good Morning America, the Today Show, Hardball, and the Business Network.

    His articles have appeared in USA Today, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, and the Christian Science Monitor.

    For further info: www.scottpolls.com

*Riley, Michael

    Mike received his BS from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse and a Certificate of Computer Programming from the Control Data Institute.

    Mr. Riley is the founder and President of the Taxpayer’s Network Incorporated and an accomplished speaker and debater.

    Mike publishes the Taxpayer’s Network Monthly and is co-author of Strategies For Privatization. He appears regularly on numerous television and radio stations including Milwaukee’s WTMJ TV, WHAD Wisconsin Public Radio, WISN Radio and NPR.

    He is a member of the Coalition For Wisconsin (public policy issues), a past Ozaukee County Supervisor, past State Senator candidate, past member of the Legislative Committee and a past member of the Governor’s Commission On Schools For The 21st Century.

    For further info: www.taxpayersnetwork.org

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