*Ausubel, Kenny

    Kenny is an award-winning author, investigative journalist and filmmaker specializing in health and the environment.  He is also an environmental entrepreneur who founded Seeds of Change, Inc. in 1989 and the Bioneers Conference/Collective Heritage Institute in 1990.

*Bagley, Ralph

    Ralph is president of N’Lightning Software Development, a company dedicated to making high quality video games devoid of violence to human beings.

    Ralph has appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Kenneth Copeland Show, the Calvary Satellite Network, and numerous radio stations.

    For further information, visit

*Burke, Frank

    Frank was an English language teacher in Saudi Arabia for ten years, living alongside his students. During this period, Frank developed a keen insight into the customs of the Saudi Arabian people.

*Busby, Laura

    Laura is an activist involved in property rights issues along the Mississippi River in Arkansas.

    She is retired, a grandmother, and a constitutionalist.

*Cohen, Sanford

    Sanford is president of the Prescott (AZ) Open Trails Association and owner/general manager of radio stations KPPV and KQNA in Prescott.

    He is the recipient of the 1993 NAB Crystal Award for community service and was in a PBS debate with the Center for Biological Diversity.

    He has also appeared on numerous radio talk shows including those on KPPV, KQNA, WCNN, WJR, KIHX, and KFNN.

*Coldiron, Brownie

    Brownie is a seventy-eight year old retired logger who has logged in excess of five hundred million board feet of logs, primarily Douglas Fir.

*Collins, Clark

    Collins was one of the original founders of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a major source of information on recreation access issues, and has served as its Executive Director since 1988.

*Crutcher, Mark

    Mark is a nationally recognized expert on abortion and its effects on women.

    He is the President of Life Dynamics, Inc., an organization working to expose the danger to women presented by legalized abortion.

    He is a conference speaker and hosts Life Talk, a television show covering issues surrounding the abortion debate.

*Deburr, Detrick

    Detrick is an Internet marketing consultant with an emphasis on minority usage and how Blacks will fair in the next millennium.

    He is an active member of the Dallas Internet Society where he contributes on the Electronic Business and Internet Marketing special interest groups. He has participated in online distance education classes in such topics as Internet Advertising, Internet Business Strategy and online investing.

*Getz, Neal

    Neal served as a missionary in different sections of Russia for a number of years. His travels have taken him to Petrozavodsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tatarstan. He has also traveled to several Central Asian republics including Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

    As a missionary, Neal and his family gained a unique perspective of the Russian culture, its citizens, and their way of life.

    Mr. Getz has also been a researcher for the Illinois State Legislature in a number of areas. These included fiscal issues such as economic development, state budgets, pensions, revenues and bond debt as well as other topics including mental health and developmental disabilities, transportation, and telecommunications.

*Glenn, Gary

    Gary is President of the American Family Association of Michigan , Executive Director of the Idaho Freedom To Work Committee, and Vice-president of the Idaho Cattle Association.

    Mr. Glenn’s exposure in various media can only be described as substantial and is too extensive to list here.

    For further info:

*Hager, Paul

    Paul received his master's degree in computer science from Indiana University, later becoming a software engineer in the defense and aerospace industry.

    Mr. Hager is currently running for Indiana Secretary of State and if elected, promises to work for cumulative voting, or as he defines it, Approval Voting.

    Hager's organizational memberships demonstrate that he is also concerned with a broad range of personal freedom issues. As an active member of both the American Civil Liberties Union the Indiana Civil Liberties Union board, he chaired the ICLU's Drug Policy Task Force and its special Commission on the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control. As a result of the work he did for the 2nd Amendment Commission, Hager became an ardent advocate of the personal right of self defense.

    In 1994, Hager joined the Libertarian Party and represented the party as its candidate for U.S. Representative in Indiana's 8th District in both the 1996 and 1998 elections.

    For further info:

*Hamblet, Ellen

    Ellen is the co-director of Virginia Birthing Freedom (VBF), a grassroots organization working to legalize midwives in Virginia.

    Ms. Hamblet has testified before numerous state committees and has appeared in numerous interviews on the subject over the Hampon Roads, VA NPR station

*Hird, Andy

    Andy is a community outreach worker covering such areas as substance abuse, gangs, prostitution, and AIDS.

*Johnson, Gail

    Married 30 years to a LA County Sheriff's Deputy; mother of 3, grandmother of 6; Area Director for Concerned Women for America of California; Healthy Cities Steering Committee member for the Chino Hills City Council; Youth Accountability Board Member in Chino Hills.

    Gail has been a guest on numerous shows including Jane Chastian's Radio Show, Warren Duffy's Radio show, and Beverly LaHaye Today Radio Show.

    She has appeared as an expert witness in a documentary on pornography and was a panelist in a 4 way discussion on Project 10 in the LA Schools (homosexuality and tolerance)

*Jones, Philip

    After Phil retired from the U.S. Army in 1995, he continued his education by obtaining his J.D. from St. Mary’s School of Law in 1999.

    As an attorney, Mr. Jones founded his own practice which has now grown to a three lawyer firm plus support staff.

    In addition to his general practice, Philip has been working pro bono to achieve restoration of no-cost medical care for career military personnel.

*Knight, Robert

    Bob is the Director of the Culture and Family Institute and former Senior Director of Cultural Studies for the Family Research Council.

    He has served as a news editor and writer with the Los Angeles Times as well as a Media Fellowship at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

    Mr. Knight has appeared on the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s World News Tonight, Nightline, CNN News & Crossfire, CNBC’s McLaughlin, Charles Grodin Show, Cal Thomas Show, Fox News Channel, Hannity & Colmes, Fox Morning News, NBC’s A Closer Look, NPR’s Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, PBS’ Firing Line & Nightly Business Report, Focus on the Family, CBS Radio, Hearst Television, and the CBN

    His articles have appeared in the Age of Consent: The Rise of Relativism and the Corruption of Popular Culture (Spence Publishing, 1998), The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Insight, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register and other publications.

*Kreep, Gary

    Gary received his J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law.

    He is Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation, President of the Justice Political Action Committee, and President of the Family Values Coalition.

    He regularly appears on radio programs hosted by Phyllis Schlafly, Warren Duffy, Michael Law, Mason Weaver, Roger Hedgecock, Cliff Kincaid, Bob Noonan, Weissbach, and others including the ISSUES IN EDUCATION  program.

    Articles authored by Gary have appeared in the Christian American, Media Bypass, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Arizona Star, the Escondido Times advocate, and the North County Times.

*Lamia, Tony

    Tony L. Lamia received his Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from the University of Arizona Law School in 1974 and served as an attorney in various capacities for more than 20 years. He now owns a commercial and residential remodeling service and has received the Home Builder Association’s “2001 industry Cutting Edge award for rehabilitating a six unit historical building.

    Tony has appeared on various radio talk shows and currently hosts “The Voice of Reason” on local network access station WYOU in Madison Wisconsin.

    Tony has authored Blame It On The System, a publication offering practical remedies on major political issues.

    For more info:

*Malek, Karen

    Mrs. Malec was trained as an educator at Southern Illinois University and received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science.

    She has taught at the high school and elementary levels and is a co-founder of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, an international women's educational organization focusing on the link between abortion and breast cancer.

    Mrs. Malec has testified before the Illinois Senate Executive Committee in support of a senate resolution calling for an investigation into the abortion-breast cancer link.

    Karen has been interviewed by numerous media services including USA Today, the Peoria Journal Star (Copley News - Peoria, Illinois), The Catholic New World (Chicago), EWTN Radio, National Catholic Register World Magazine, World Net Daily, Sandy Rios Radio Show (WYLL - Chicago), Steel on Steel (, Radio Liberty  (, and CDR Radio (Ohio & Indiana).

*New, Daniel

    Daniel New is most famous for fathering Army Specialist Michael New. He has participated in over 4,000 interviews on sovereignty related topics.

    For further inf:

*Powers, Alfred

    Alf is best known as the inventor of the first leather sneaker. He was also the former Vice-President of Nippon Rubber USA Corporation (Bridgestone Group).

    Mr. Powers is a political activist as well as a television performer, having appeared in various sitcoms as well as in over 50 commercials.

    He also headed United We Stand’s Immigration Task Force, a position he left after the organization’s founder (Perot) went astray.

*Saunders, Thomas

    Rev. Saunders is founder of the “Bill of Attainder Project.” A Bill of Attainder is a legislative act declaring the guilt of an individual without a judicial trial. The Project is dedicated to ending these types of laws.

    Tom has also served as advisor to both the Libertarian and Reform parties of Oklahoma.

*Taylor, Suzanne

    Suzanne Taylor, founder of Mighty Companions, was Phi Beta Kappa and graduated summa cum laude from New York University.

    Suzanne is a producer, writer, and networker. She regularly hosts dialogues, writes commentaries and has a WebRadio show, “Making Sense of These Times” and is a featured columnist on

    Ms. Taylor authored The Anybody Can Make It, Everybody Will Love It Cookbook

    For further info:

*Tran, Huy

    Huy is a Vietnamese dissident and a member of the exile organization, Vietnamese Social Democrat Party.

    He is a speaker on Asian events and has published numerous articles regarding Vietnamese politics and culture.

    Mr. Tran is currently studying organizational behavior.

    For further info:

*Walley, Jay

    Mr. Walley is an investigative journalist best known for challenging the economics of radical environmentalism.

    Jay is also a litigation investigator and as such has written numerous evidentiary reports for many major law firms.

    He has appeared on Fox News, CBS, and 60 Minutes and his articles have appeared in over 400 publications.

*Wiegand, Joseph

    Joe, a Thomas B. Watson Fellow and Harry S Truman Scholar, is a graduate of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

    He is the Executive Director of the 23,000 member grassroots organization Family Taxpayers Network, former state chapter director of Citizens for a Sound Economy and former elected member of the DeKalb County Board. 

    Mr. Wiegand has been featured in over two hundred radio and television interviews and has hosted two dozen press conferences in Springfield and Chicago on issues ranging from electricity deregulation, tax caps, pro-life legislation, tax reform and lawsuit abuse.

    Joe is also a frequent contributor to newspapers throughout Illinois, including the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Springfield Journal Register and Rockford Register Star.

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