The Advocates

REGARDLESS HOW WELL RESEARCHED or how well written an Expert Authority’s White Paper may be, it does little good if there’s no one around to use the material. It becomes something like the old argument “If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, does it still make a noise?”

Enter the Trench Warriors... our Expert Advocates!

One of the best examples of the Trench Warrior at work revolves around Professor John Lott’s scholarly study into the relationship between guns and crime ( More Guns, Less Crime). Although the study is most likely the most detailed analysis ever made of the subject matter, it still requires a dedicated Trench Warrior to understand its contents sufficiently in order to advance such issues as concealed carry. We refer to these Warriors as Expert Advocates.

On the other hand, not all issues are cut and dried. Consider campaign finance reform. An individual focusing on this issue may very well be an expert in one or more aspects of the matter, but regardless how you cut it, it’s not a definitive topic. Each individual viewpoint would be considered an advocacy.

The Bureau considers opinions of our Expert Advocates to be of the highest caliber and of prime importance in the overall scheme of things. As such, we have awarded these stalwarts their own section on the website.

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