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THE EXPERT SOURCE BUREAU, an important addition to the Nation’s knowledgebase of information, was designed to help the media, researchers, and students acquire expert information on a wide variety of topics.

There are two categories of membership in the Expert Source Bureau:

  • Expert Authority
  • Expert Advocate

An Expert Authority is one who is a credentialed scholar or researcher focusing on subjects in which a logical conclusion can be reached through the application of deductive reasoning of scientific or empirical studies.

An Expert Advocate is one who uses information, developed by the Expert Authority, in order to advance a given agenda.

All applicants must have the ability to present their arguments in an honest, coherent and  apolitical manner. Evidence of such activity can come in the form of published White Papers, articles, or books. It may also be demonstrated by positions of trust held in academia, business, industry, or government.

Those applicants wishing to appear on radio or television must also have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate their findings across at least two of the following platforms: television, radio, printed media, debates, forums, presentations, and meetings.

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